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Banjo Overview

The Banjo, developed in the 18th century, is a string instrument thought to be invented by Africans in America.

Banjos can contain 4-6 strings, and features a wide range of pitch.

The best banjo brands includes Deering, Fender, and Gibson. They make their instruments using high quality materials, such as hard maple wood for the head and neck, and high quality metal for the tuning pegs and rim. The rim will contain at least 3 layers. The 5th string will have a tuning gear that is connected to the neck, and not the top part of the banjo.

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What is the difference between an open and a closed back banjo?

Simple – Closed back banjos produce more sound. The closed back refers to a resonator that is placed on the banjo, which amplifies the sound that the banjo makes. This is ideal for performance events. An open banjo produces less sound, but can produce more if it is next to a microphone, or plugged into an electric amplifier.

Here is a picture of an open back banjo:

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And here is a picture of a closed back banjo (resonating amplifier attached)

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The resonator on a closed back banjo can be removed as well.

The 4 banjos being featured are the best beginning banjos. High quality banjos can cost well over 2000 dollars, and sometimes cost over 5000!

Take a good look at these banjos, and make sure to click on the Amazon Link to learn about more reviews of the product.

Best Banjo Makers

The best banjo makers are Deering, Fender, and Gibson. Let’s go into some details about these 3 banjo companies.


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This company was started in 1975 by Greg Deering and Janet Deering in California. This is the largest banjo manufacturing company in the U.S. They make their banjos by hand, which ensures the high quality of their instruments.

The famous Goodtime banjos are made by Deering. They also sell banjo cases, banjo strings, banjo picks, banjo straps, and banjo capos.

In addition, Deering features video reviews of their products, so that you can get an expert opinion on the banjo that you may wish to purchase. You can see these banjos videos here.


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Fender sells 5 different banjos, from price ranges 350-1350 dollars.

Let’s take a quick look at their most affordable banjo, and their highest quality banjo.

Concert Tone Banjo Pack

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This banjo by Fender is the perfect banjo for beginners. It contains a kit for all that you’ll need for starting the banjo. This includes a 5 string banjo, gig bag, strings, tuner, pick, and instructions for learning and taking care of the instrument.

Premier Concert Tone Banjo 59

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A professional model banjo by Fender that is made with a maple rim and walnut stain finish. By clicking on the image, you will be linked to Fender’s website which offers a video review of the instrument.


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There are currently no banjos available directly from Gibson.

Websites such as or banjo buying sites will be places where you can find these quality banjos on the internet.

Gibson banjos are of great quality, with the top models costing up to 10000 dollars! Used banjos can cost 600 dollars or more.

4 Best Banjos Review

Deering Goodtime 2 Classic 5-String Banjo

This best beginning banjo features a 3 layer rim made from maple and nickel plated metal, high quality planetary tuners, and spikes for capo on frets seven through 10!
Watch this video to see a demonstration of the instrument:
Any Deering Goodtime Banjo is a best beginning banjo. Click here to see more Deering Goodtime banjos.

Fender Concert Tone 54 Banjo, Brown Sunburst

This is a beautiful best starter banjo that uses rolled steel tone ring to produced a warm and brilliant sound. It also has a mahogany resonator that amplifies and increases the sound.

This item also has a limited lifetime warranty, so it is a perfect buy for the beginning banjo player.

Observe this video to see the Fender banjo in action:

Any Fender Concert Tone is a great buy for the beginning banjo player. Look at these other banjos are part of Fender’s Concert Tone series.

Click here for pricing and reviews on!

5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Back and Geared 5th Tuner By Jameson Guitars

Jameson Guitars also makes high quality best starter banjos.

This Jameson Banjo is a top seller on Amazon and has over 500 satisfied customer reviews!

This Banjo has a Geared 5th Tuner and mahogany resonator, which are standard are any good banjo.

This banjo is also features at a very low and reasonable price for a high quality instrument. This is the best beginning banjo in terms of pricing.

Watch this YouTube video to watch an expert give a demonstration on this best banjo:

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Oscar Schmidt OB5 Gloss Mahogany 5-String Banjo

This best banjo by Oscar Schmidt features a remo head, twenty two frets, rosewood fingerboard, nato neck, and an aluminum tone ring.

This banjo also comes with a lifetime warranty!

Click here to see the Oscar Schmidt OB5 banjo being played:

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Also, do not forget to buy a Banjo Case with your Banjo!




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