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Those who have seen the movie “Big” may remember the scene where Tom Hanks plays on a giant floor piano. Here is a link to that scene:

This piano, made by Remo Saraceni for FAO Schwarz Piano, is a one of a kind piano. It is estimated to cost over 250,000 dollars to have a big piano such as this.


With this in mind, you probably will not be able to have the piano that was featured in this iconic movie.

However, you can buy a similar floor mat piano for a much more reasonable price.

Why Buy a Piano Mat

Watch this video as Justin Nielson, owner of Nielson School of Music, discusses about the piano mat that he created and the benefits it gives to his music students.

Playing on a piano mat is fun, and can definitely serve as an incentive to encourage students to play and learn the piano.

It can be played on by children of young age and even adults too! There are even performers who will use piano mats to play live music! Watch this clip to see this in action:

5 Best Piano Floor Mats

Rhode Island Novelty Giant 100″ Electronic Floor Mat Keyboard

This piano mat made by Rhode Island Novelty contains 24 keys and is powered using four double A batteries.

You can choose from 8 different settings that allows for cool and unique sounds as you play on this keyboard mat.

Weighing around 5 pounds, this piano mat can easily be carried. It is also foldable, which allows for easy storage and portability.

Complaints from this keyboard include not being in concert pitch (the middle C sounds like a B flat), and issues with sliding.

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Giant 100″ Piano Play Mat for Kids, 24 Keys Keyboard Playmat -Musical Instruments -Melodies -Record -Playback -Demo-mode with Built-In Amplifier for Portable CD/MP3 Plug In – Play Kreative TM

This foot piano keyboard mat by Play Kreative TM is very similar to the 100″ floor piano by Rhode Island Novelty. The differences includes lighter product weight and price.

There is also a recording feature which allows the user to record music as they play on the floor piano.

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FAO Schwarz Big Piano

This floor piano is made by the same company that made the floor piano in the hit movie “Big” starring Tom Hanks.

This giant foot piano is a smaller model of the big piano from the movie “Big.”

Watch this video for an in depth review of the Big Piano from FAO Schwarz

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Zippy Mat Big Giant Piano Mat Music Set

This big piano mat contains 25 playable keys, 10 pre recorded melodies that can be played along with, and volume control.

This keyboard mat is best for younger children, ages 5 months to 8 years.

Children will enjoy playing and walking on this mat, as it will make fun musical sounds that the children can hear and play with.

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ALEX Toys Gigantic Step & Play Piano

This floor mat piano is made by Alex Toys.

It is much smaller in size in comparison to the other piano mats mentioned in this post. The player will have to play on the piano using the upper part of their foot.

This video by ALEX Toys gives a factual representation of the play piano, and shows the many features of the product

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