Best Sousaphone

best sousaphones

Best Sousaphones

The Sousaphone is basically a Tuba that can be picked up and carried. It was made famous by  John Philip Sousa, who used it in his bands, and thus named after him.

Sousa actually asked  James Welsh Pepper to build the instrument, because he was unsatisfied with the hélicons that were being used in his band.

Sousaphones are generally made from sheet brass or fiberglass. Fiberglass is cheaper and lighter. The tone, however, is not as warm or deep as brass sousaphones. Fiberglass sousaphones are more suitable for school marching band settings, and brass sousaphones are ideal for more professional settings.

Best Sousaphone Makers

When looking at these best sousaphones, quality comes first. These Sousaphones are made from the best Sousaphone makers: Conn, Jupiter, and Yamaha. These instruments from the best sousaphone brands are ideal for those who are serious about the sousaphone and want to have the best sousaphone.

Let’s dive into some details about these three sousaphone makers.

Conn Selmer

best sousaphones

Conn Selmer began as Henri Selmer & Cie in 1885. Alexandre Selmer and Henri Selmer, the founders of this company, began this company making first clarinet reeds and then clarinets. They were both clarinetist that graduated from the Paris Conservatory of Music.

In 1995, Selmer Industries acquired Steinway Musical Instruments, and Selmer became a subsidiary of Steinway Music Instruments. This is the parent company of the famous Steinway and Sons piano company.

In 2003, the Selmer Company and the United Musical Instruments, which contained King and C.G. Conn instruments, merged and formed Conn-Selmer.

Conn Selmer currently has 19 different sousaphones that are available for sell. The 20KSBW, one of their most popular instruments, is featured on this page.

Conn Selmer contains two different models for sousaphones – Professional and Step Up.

Here is an example of a Professional Model:

best sousaphone

This best sousaphone can cost anywhere between 8000-10000 dollars. These sousaphones are recommended for the more advance performer who wishes to produces the highest quality sounds.

Here is an example of a Step Up Model:

best sousaphones

These best sousaphones are more affordable in comparison to the professional models.


best sousaphone brands

Yamaha makes Sousaphones that are quite affordable and easy to hold for marching purposes.

Yamaha has two makes of sousaphones available. They are as following:

YSH 301

best sheet music editions

This Sousaphone generally costs around 4,000 dollars. This instrument is ideal for beginning sousaphone players and high school band players, as it produces a great sound in terms of the pricing.


best sheet music editions

This instrument generally costs twice as much as the YSH 301. This instrument is more suited for professional purposes.


best sheet music editions

Jupiter currently sells 10 different sousaphones in all, and they are categorized into two different series. They are the 1000 and 1100 series. The 1100 series features sousaphones with full brass bodies, and the 1000 series features sousaphones with fiber glass bodies.

The 1100 series is recommended for more advanced players, as these instruments are more expensive.

Here is an example of a 1100 series sousaphone by Jupiter:

best sheet music editions

The 1000 series is recommended for beginning to high school level players. These instruments, being made from fiber glass, are more durable and affordable.

Here is an example of a 1000 series sousaphone by Jupiter:

best sheet music editions

Best Student Sousaphones

These best beginning Sousaphones are great for beginning students that are learning the instrument. These instruments are of a good quality, and is very affordable. This is ideal for introducing a young student to the instrument, and not worrying about spending too much money. These best student sousaphones have three piston valves, and are easy for younger students to play on.

Jupiter BBb Fiberglass Sousaphone With Case 596L

This best student sousaphone has a lacquered finish, which is ideal for younger students as it is not as expensive as a silver plated finish and still produces a great sound.

The stainless steel pistons have a very light action so that the beginning sousaphone player can play with agility and firmness.

The body of this instrument is made of fiberglass, which provides excellent protection. You can rest assure that the young sousaphonist will not easily damage this instrument.

This is the best fiberglass sousaphone you will find online!

Here is a video of a student performer on this Jupiter Sousaphone:

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Queen Brass Sousaphone 25 Valve Big Tuba Made Of/Full Brass W/Bag Brass Finish Tubas Silver

A very inexpensive sousaphone that has a silver plated finish, which provides a quality sound.
For those looking for a decent sousaphone that costs less than 1000 dollars, this is it!
This sousaphone also comes with a case, so you will get more bang for your buck!
This is a 3 valve sousaphone, which is ideal for beginning students.

Best Professional Sousaphones

Conn 20K Series Brass BBb Sousaphone 20KSBW Satin Silver with Case

This 21 pound brass sousaphone by Conn is one of the best professional sousaphones out there!
With .734-inch bore and short action valves, you will play with extreme ease!
This product also comes with a wheeled case for easy carrying.
Watch this video to see a demonstration of this instrument!

Jupiter 590 University Quad Series Brass 4-Valve BBb Sousaphone Silver

This silver plated brass sousaphone is a top brand sousaphone by Jupiter!

It is a bit on the heavy side (31 pounds), but the quality of the tone you will produce will make it worthwhile!

Uses 4 stainless steel pistons.

Case is included with purchase!

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Yamaha YSH-411SWC Series Brass BBb Silver Sousaphone 

This Yamaha sousaphone is made from brass and has a Lacquer finish.

The airtight pistons provide quiet and agile response. This is ideal for comfortable playing

A 67C4 brass mouthpiece is included with the purchase. This is a top notch mouthpiece which will provide a great quality sound.

Also included is valve oil (Yac rvo), and a wheeled plastic case.


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