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Why purchase a Piano Extender Pedal?

Extension Pedals for Piano are a very important investment for the young pianist. Young students that are serious about learning the piano and are learning to use the sustain pedal may struggle reaching the pedals. If they are not able to comfortably reach the pedals, they are in serious need of a piano extender pedal.

The development of good playing habits is the best advantage you will have with purchasing a piano extender pedal. Of course, the young student will be able to perform more at ease, and even perform better with the piano foot pedal extender in comparison to not having one.

Becoming used to sitting in an uncomfortable position will wreck havoc once the pianist is able to sit comfortable at a piano. Their teacher will have to spend countless hours fixing the student’s sitting position, and the student may end up giving up on the piano due to frustration.

Note: when buying a piano extender pedal, make sure to buy one that includes a foot rest. The young student needs to have a place to place their feet while playing, and buying a simple extender that does not have a rest is pointless and waste of money.

Example of using a Piano Extender Pedal

See this video of a young pianist using a piano extender pedal while performing:

Try to observe the sitting position this young talented pianist is in. She is sitting on the top half of the bench, her arms are at a good position for playing, and her feet are resting comfortable on the piano extension pedal bench.

Read this article to learn more about the proper sitting position on the piano.

With the piano pedal extender, this pianist is able to be relaxed, sway with the musical phrasing, and use body weight while playing.

Being relaxed at the piano is also very important. Having extra tension caused mentally by worrying about reaching the pedal, and physically with pedaling in a near standing position actually makes it more difficult to play.

Example of not using a Piano Extender Pedal

Watch this video of a great young performer playing without a piano extender pedal:

Compare the sitting position of this pianist with the other piano in the above video. Where is this pianist sitting? How close are his arms to the piano? How restricted is he in his movement?

Without a piano extender pedal, a pianists is forced to be in an uncomfortable sitting position that puts extra weight on the heel of the foot, which makes pedaling more difficult. It also forces the pianist to sit very close to the piano, putting the arms is a disadvantaged position and actually makes it harder to play.

The pianist ends up having more trouble playing the piano than a T-rex would.

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Using a piano pedal extension device is very simple as well. It does not require altering the piano in any sort of way. All you have to do is place the device next to the piano pedals, adjust the height to wear to wish, and you are set!

Watch this video to see how set up is done with the piano pedal extender:

Best Piano Extender Pedals

Piano Foot Pedal Extender Prop Children Kids Teacher Assist Wood Stool Griffin

This best piano pedal extender is made by Griffin. Griffin specializes in making musical products such as stands, cases, and racks.
Weighing 14 pounds with a solid base and rubber bottom to ensure no sliding, this device will ensure quality balance and height adjustment while sitting on the piano.
Griffin also ensures a 12 month warranty on this product, so if you can be ascertain that you are buying a quality product.
Click on this video to see an expert review on this Griffin piano extender pedal:

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Wood Adjustable Piano Pedal Extender Bench in Ebony

CPS Import made this pedal extender pedal. It is also available in different colors, such as walnut and mahogany.

This piano pedal extender fits all pianos. It does not matter if its a grand piano, an upright, a Steinway or an unknown brand, this pedal will work!

The device and gauge are made from steel, so it is strong and durable.

The bottom padding will protect the floor and prevent sliding.

This device weighs about 14 pounds, so an adult will have to set the device on the pedals for the student.

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PUNK PA-24 White Piano Auxiliary Pedal Extender for Kids

For those looking for a more appealing design for their extender pedal, this is it!

This piano pedal extender made by Punk is made from ABS material. That’s the same stuff that Lego’s are made from.

Also, with the white glossy finish, this piano pedal extender is suitable for use with a white piano.

Punk also makes their pedals in a variety of colors!

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BQLZR Brown Adjustable Piano Pedal Extender Children Kids Teacher Assist Stool with 3 Pedal

Here is a striking, wood design pedal extender.
Like with the other pedals, it works for any piano, and is strong and durable.
This piano pedal extender is fitting for those that are looking for aesthetic quality to their product. Because of this, the pricing for this product is a lot more in comparison to the piano extender pedals above.

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