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Best Ukulele Cases

When you purchase your beautiful instrument, you want to make sure that you can protect it while it is at home or when you are on the go. These best ukulele cases will ensure protection of your music instrument, as well as providing an affordable price for them.

Each section will be divided to the different ukulele sizes – soprano, concert (alto), tenor, and baritone.

Each section will also contain the best ukulele hard cases and the best ukulele soft cases. The hard cases generally cost more.

Best Ukulele Case Makers

Crossrock and Guardian are two of the best ukulele case makers. Let’s take a look at these two best ukulele case brands.


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Crossrock offers Hard cases for ukulele and Gig bags for ukulele.

They have three different makes for soprano, tenor, and concert (alto) ukuleles. This makes for a total of 9 different hard ukulele cases. They also come in a variety of colors. The three makes are as following: ABS Hard Shell zippered (a hard case that closes by zipping the case), ABS Molded (A hard case that closes uses locks and hinges), and fiberglass case. They do not offer hard cases for baritone uke. You can see these hard cases here.

You can watch an expert review on one of these cases here:

There are two models for the gig bags, Deluxe Ukulele gig bags and Standard Ukulele gig bags. These come for all ukuleles – soprano, tenor, concert, and baritone.


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Guardian cases provided quality ukulele cases for two different sizes, soprano and Baritone. If you have a soprano or Baritone ukulele, it is highly recommended to purchase a Guardian case.

Guardian features 4 different type of cases – Featherweight, Hardshell, Vintage, and Gig Bag.

Watch this video to see a review of a vintage ukulele case by Guardian:

Best Soprano Ukulele Case

Crossrock CRA800SUBK Soprano ABS Molded Ukulele Case

The best uke case for soprano uke.

These cases come in a variety of colors, such as black, blue, red, and champagne.

The ABS hard-shell exterior will surely protect your soprano uke from unwanted damage. 

The interior contains EPS foam, which is soft and will secure your instrument while it is comfortable resting in the case.

Contains a compartment to carry items in the case as well.

Crossrock makes these cases for soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles.

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Kala TCS Tweed Soprano Ukelele Case

 A best hard case for Ukulele Soprano.
Most soprano sized ukuleles will be able to fit into this case.
This case can also protect the instrument from humidity using a hygrometer.
Contains a tag for luggage and a strap for the shoulder.

Gator Journeyman Series GW-JM UKE-SOP Wooden Soprano Ukulele Case

For those looking for a great soprano uke case made from wood, this is it!
The velvety royal blue interior is a beautiful and good protector for your instrument.

Hilo Ukuleles TCU-S Tweed Soprano Uke Case for Ukulele

Those looking for a gnarly vintage design at an affordable price for their soprano uke are in luck!
The tweed outer covering is made from PVC, which is durable and does not tear.
The red interior contains comfortable padding to protect the instrument.

Guardian CG-020-US Hardshell Case, Soprano Ukulele

 Those looking for a good price, all black hard case for their soprano ukulele do not have to look any farther!
This instrument case is very sturdy, with a hard case exterior and a soft and comfortable interior.
This case includes a locking latch and key.

Zimo PU Leather Waterproof Soft Padded Bag Carry Case

This is a best selling soft case for ukulele soprano.

This case is made from PU Leather, which is double sided, and is waterproof as well.

Contains outer pockets to carry other items as well.

Contains shoulder and hand straps to carry the instrument case.

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Best Concert Ukulele Case

Crossrock CRA800CUBK Concert ABS Molded Ukulele Case

Made by Crossrock, the finest producer of Ukulele cases.

This case is the best alto ukulele case.

This case can also come in different colors.

The exterior is an ABS exterior shell and the interior is made with EPS foam, so you will have the ultimate protection inside and out.

An interior compartment for storage things is also inside.

Weighing only 5 pounds, it is also very easy to carry!

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Kala Concert Ukulele Polyfoam Case

This is an excellent hard case for the concert ukulele.

The Nylon exterior provides protection for the hard shell casing, and also contains an exterior pocket.

The case closes with the use of a zipper, instead of the standard hinges.

Contains shoulder and hand straps as well.

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Cordoba Deluxe Concert Ukulele Gig Bag

This is the best Ukulele Gig Bag for concert Uke.
It is a very good soft case for ukulele.
The nylon exterior is very durable and is water proof.
Contains a very comfortable shoulder and hand strap, as well as exterior pockets.

Best Tenor Ukulele Case

Crossrock CRA800TUBK ABS Molded Ukulele Case

This excellent tenor ukulele case is made by Crossrock, which also makes the best soprano and concerto uke cases.

It has a strong exterior, made from ABS exterior shell, and the finest interior made from EPS Foam.

The chrome plated hinges and latches are very durable, and will ensure that you case will not accidentally open. There is also a lock for the hinges as well.

Also, this best uke case comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite one!

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Tenor Ukulele Heavy Duty Polyfoam Case with Storage

This case is a hard/soft case hybrid. The Polyfoam case is strong and durable, yet is not as hard as an ABS exterior shell or wooden shell.

Contains both exterior and internal compartments for carrying various items.

Uses a zipper and buttons to securely fasten and close the instrument.

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Cordoba Deluxe Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag

This is a best soft case for ukulele tenor.

Just like the Cordoba Concert Uke case, it contains nylon exterior which is strong and water resistant.

Contains an exterior pocket for containing objects

Uses a zipper to close the case

Contains both shoulder and hand straps.

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Best Baritone Ukulele Cases

Guardian CG-020-UB Hardshell Case, Baritone Ukulele

This best hard case for ukulele is made from 5-ply woods for the exterior. This is very protective and will ensure quality protection for your instrument.
The Black Tolex Covering provides extra protection, as well as a nice design for the exterior.
Includes Locking Latch and Key to make sure strangers cannot access your instrument.

Guardian CG-010-UB Featherweight Case, Baritone Ukulele

 An excellent mixture of hard and soft shell casing.
With the foam padding and nylon exterior, your instrument will be protected from external hard as well as water damage.
The instrument case is closed and secured with the use of a zipper
Contains a large exterior pocket for holding items.
Has both a hand and shoulder strap that are padded.

Cordoba Deluxe Baritone Ukulele Gig Bag

This is the best soft case for Baritone Uke. This best gig bag for Ukulele will ensure that your instrument is protected from harm.

It fits most Baritone size ukuleles.

With the nylon exterior, your instrument will be protected from harmful elements such as rain and water.

Contains an exterior pocket, zipper lock, shoulder strap, and hand strap.

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