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10 Best Piano Benches Reviews 2017

Whether at home, at the studio, or on the concert stage, choosing the best piano bench will provide comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

When choosing the best keyboard bench, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. These factors include:

  • Adjustable Seats – This is a very important factor to consider, as all people have different sizes and different sitting positions in which they feel the most comfortable performing. Make sure to choose a piano bench that has adjustable sizes.
  • Hydraulic vs Turn Dial Adjustments – Hydraulic benches are becoming much more popular among piano benches. These best piano benches use the advent of technology to its advantage. It is much easier to adjust a bench that uses hydraulics in comparison to the traditional turn dial adjustments.
  • Piano bench vs Piano chair – At the Oberlin Conservatory, many of the practice rooms contain adjustable piano chairs. Piano chairs contain back rests, which is ideal for those who plan to practice for many hours and would like to rest their backs.
  • Single or Duet Bench – For any performance, recording, or teaching setting, it is preferable to have both a single and duet piano bench. As a pianist, you are expected to learn duet pieces, and you will need a duet bench in order to comfortable sit while playing these pieces. A single bench is recommended for solo performance, recordings, or practice.

This list shows the most recommended benches on the top of the page.

HM Hydraulic Piano Bench – 30″ Premium Leather

This best hydraulic piano bench by Hidrau Model is the most top notch hydraulic piano bench on the market. It features wide spacing, leather padding, and a huge range for height adjustment.

Consider using this best piano bench in recording studios and concert halls.

This product also features a 12 month warranty so you can be ensured that you spent your money wisely!

Being a hydraulic bench, it is heavier that the traditional piano benches. It weights over 30 pounds, so be careful when moving it about.

Here is a recording that I made while using a Hidrau Model Hydraulic Piano Bench:

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Hidrau 43 Inch Duet Hydraulic Grand Piano Bench

This hydraulic duet piano bench by Hidrau Model is the most superior piano duet bench. The structure of this bench is made from metal, which provides a stable and strong support.

The hydraulic mechanism on this bench is completely silent, so you will not only easily slide from one adjustment to another, but quietly too!

This best piano duet bench features a wider bench so that two people can sit on the bench at once.

Consider buying this piano bench for professional use.

Click here to see a video review of the Hidrau Bench:

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Stagg PBH 780 BKP VBK Hydraulic Piano Bench

For those looking for a more affordable hydraulic piano bench, this is it!

This beautiful hydraulic piano bench is used at many international piano competitions.This best adjustable piano bench sturdy and the hydraulic adjustment mechanism allows you to quickly and effortless slide from one adjustment to another.

Watch this video as George Li, a competitor at the International Chopin Competition, uses a hydraulic piano bench –

This product weighs about 30 pounds, so it may be a bit difficult to lift and move about in a studio space. But with the extra weight, you are certain that the bench will not move or slide during a performance or recording session.

Click on this video to see the Stagg Piano bench:

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Stagg Piano Bench with Adjustable Height – Black

This best piano bench by Stagg, a well known company for producing high quality piano benches, a beautiful black gloss finish, soft padding, and an adjustable seat.

Being only 14 pounds, this bench can be moved with ease.

This piano bench is recommended for home use by a single person. If you are a piano teacher and plan on having many students sit on your piano bench, it is recommended to buy a sturdier piano bench.

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Stagg PB245 BKP VBK Double Piano Bench

This duet bench by Stagg features individualized height adjustments, so that one person can select a height that is different from the other person.

This best piano duet bench is highly recommended for piano teachers who wish to perform duets with their younger students. Also, this can be used professionally in a concert setting.

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Adjustable Genuine Leather Artist Concert Piano Bench in Ebony

This best artist piano bench by CPS Imports is made from wood and has a thick and soft leather cushion.
It features the classic turn dial height adjustment. Height adjustment is done manually by twisting the dial either forward or backward.
There is a compartment in the chair where you can store your sheet music and other items that you wish to store.
This best piano bench is quite heavy, weighing over 30 pounds. However, it is very sturdy, and is recommended for use as a piano teacher.

Adjustable Duet Size Genuine Leather Artist Piano Bench in Ebony

This best piano duet bench is made from hard wood and has a heavy duty mechanism for adjusting the height of the seat. The cushion of the seat is covered with real leather

This bench is very sturdy, and can be used for a large period of time. Consider buying this if you wish to have a duet bench that will be used often.

This bench also comes in a variety of colors, so choose the color that fits your studio best.

A compartment for storing various objects is also contained in this bench.

Watch this video to get more insights and an adjustable piano bench review on this CPS Duet Piano Bench:

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Adjustable Pillow Top Genuine Leather Artist Piano Bench in Ebony

This is a quality piano bench that features a compartment section, leather seating, and a silent micro adjustment.
The seventeen buttons seen on the top of the cushion provide quality comfort as you are playing the piano.
This is a very strong bench, and is made from hard wood to ensure stability and long time use.
Consider buying this for any use, whether teaching or performing.

Ebony Adjustable Piano Chair Bench with Back

If you are looking for a high quality piano chair, this is it! This is the best piano bench with back.

This best piano chair from CPS Imports features a padded seat, adjustable heights, and a hard wood foundation. This piano chair is stable and can be used for a long period of time.

With the use of the clips in the back of the chair, this best adjustable piano chair with back can adjust to seven different positions.

Consider buying this best piano chair if you wish to have a piano bench with back rest while practicing piano.

Tip: Do not actually practice piano with you back against the rest, as you will never be able to transfer your body weight into the piano. Lean back against the back rest whenever you wish to take a short break from playing.

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Ebony Adjustable Artist Piano Bench

If you take the time to read the piano bench reviews from, you will notice that there are very many happy customer reviews with this piano bench.
This very affordable and beautiful artist bench for piano is sturdy, has a compartment section, and heavy duty mechanism for height adjustment.
For the price of this piano bench, you will be receiving a wonderful deal. This best piano bench, being made from hard wood, will be able to last for a long period of time.
Assembling for this piano bench is also very simple. All you will have to do is attach the legs to the piano bench, and you are set!