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5 Best Cello Cases

These best cellos cases features high quality cases that are featured at a relatively low price, as well as good quality cases that are very affordable.

High quality cello cases made of carbon fiber can sometimes cost more than 2000 dollars. However, there are great cello cases made from carbon fiber that are presented here cost less than 1000, and are ideal for those who are looking for a good buy.

The most affordable cello bag case is featured as well. This is ideal for beginning cello students who want a very inexpensive case for travel.

Note: Carbon fiber is the strongest and lightest material for a cello case. These are usually the most expensive cello cases as well. ABS Shell and Fiber glass are the next strongest materials. Nylon is a good and sturdy material for the best soft cello cases.

D Z Strad Central Lock Carbon Fiber Cello Case-4/4 FUll Size

This best cello case made by D Z Strad is superb!

It uses a central lock system, which operates using a single handle that controls five individual locks. You can quickly open and close your cello case, while it stays securely protected.

This is also the most affordable all carbon fiber case you can find on the market (most other cases made with carbon fiber are only partially made with it). Carbon fiber is not only very strong, but light as well. This case weighs less than 8 pounds.

This case has to be carried using either the hand or shoulder strap (which are included). There are no wheels attached. But with a case this light, you pretty much do not need them.

There are two slots for two cello bows to be carried. Contains interior pockets to hold rosin and extra strings.

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D Z Strad Cello Case with Wheels 4/4 (Strad model)

Another best selling Cello case by D Z Strad. This is a best hard cello case.

This cello case is cheaper than the above and contains wheels as well. This will enable easier carrying as the wheels will carry the weight for you.

Some downsides include not being an all carbon fiber case (made with fiberglass as well), and weighs a bit more.

However, in terms of pricing, it is a much better, more affordable substitute that the above D Z Strad case.

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Bam France 1001SW Classic Black 4/4 Cello Case with Wheels

This beautiful cello case comes in a variety of colors!
The exterior of this case is made of ABS shell, which is very durable and strong.
Uses 5 latches to lock the case. Comes with shoulder and hand straps.
Very affordable for being a high quality professional cello case.
Comes with internal pockets to store objects.
Weighs around 12 pounds.

String House SG300DG Fiberglass Violin Case Cello-Shaped Grey Full Size 4/4

Looking for a best cheap cello case that is inexpensive? This affordable cello case costs around 100 dollars, which is a very good price for a quality cello case.

Made of fiberglass, the exterior is quite strong. The interior is padded to protect the cello resting inside.

Contains an interior pocket as well for carrying items.

This case weighs a little more than four pounds. It comes with a shoulder strap. It uses wheels as well so that the case can roll.

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This best cello bag made by Protec is a best seller on!

This is a best soft cello case, which is ideal for lighter travel.

It is also very inexpensive, and should be used for students that which to carry their cellos for rehearsals and performances.

The strong nylon exterior, which is 15 mm thick, can protect your instrument from damage as well as water damage.

Has interior pockets for carrying objects, a cello bow holder on the outside, and shoulder straps for easy carrying.

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