Best Electric Wind Instruments

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Electric Wind Instruments Overview

Electric Wind Instruments, or EWI, goes by many names. There is also wind controller, wind synthesizer, wind synth, and electric saxophone.

These electric wind instruments are the best electric saxophones on the market.

The fingering to the instrument is similar to that of a soprano saxophone or clarinet. Because of the similar fingering and sound effects, these EWI can also be called the best electric clarinet.

Take a look at these pictures to see the similarities between the EWI and Saxophone/Clarinet fingerings:

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best sheet music editions

As you can see from these two images, the EWI fingering interface is very similar to that of an acoustic clarinet. While there are some subtle differences in terms of appearances, the fingering is still the same.

best sheet music editions

best sheet music editions

While not as similar as the clarinet and EWI fingering, the saxophone has the same fingering as the EWI. A notable difference is the proximity between each of the keys.

Because of the many features of this awesome instrument, it can be known as the best wind midi, the best wind synth, and the best wind synthesizer.

With the Akai electric wind instrument, the fingering of the instrument can actually be switched to be similar to a trumpet with EVI or Electronic Valve Instrument, which is very handy for brass players. We can also say that the best ewi is the best electric trumpet as well.

Watch this video to see the EWI used as an electric trumpet:

The instrument uses a silicone mouthpiece that can determine the pressure of airflow for dynamics and also can sense vibrato.

This instrument also has features that cannot be done on an acoustic instrument. For example, the instrument is capable of doing pitch bends. In addition, the valves on the instrument do not move, and operate by sensing when they are touched, which enables faster playing. The instrument can also generate many different sounds such as a violin, electric guitar, and organ.

This instrument also must be connected to a sound generating device such as an amplifier to be heard.

Watch this video to see the capabilities of this awesome instrument (You can see the ewi as an electric trumpet as well in this clip):

Note: watch as the performers are playing on the Akai electric wind instrument. They are fully capable of playing expressively without restraints on this instruments.

4 Best Electric Wind Instruments

Roland Aerophone AE-10

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A newly released Electronic Wind Instrument made by Roland. The Roland Aerophone AE – 10  is battery powered and has internal speakers, so you can literally play this instrument everywhere!

It contains many sound effects so you can emulate musical instruments such as the saxophone, soprano sax, baritone sax, trumpet, strings, and anything you can think of.

Its sleek design is original and follows the fingering of a standard saxophone or clarinet. While Roland is a newcomer into making EWI instruments, they are known for making high quality digital instruments.

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Akai Professional EWI5000 | Electronic Wind Instrument with Wireless Audio Receiver & USB MIDI Control

The latest model of EWI made by Akai.
With the SONiVOX Sound library, this instrument is capable of producing a wide variety of interesting sounds.
This instrument is also wireless, so you can play on it without worrying about annoying wires.  The battery is capable of lasting for 6 hours of wireless playing. It is also capable of being attached to a USB port, a MIDI output, quarter inch audio output, and a standard headphone jack (unlike the Iphone 7).
Brass players will also be excited to use this instrument, as the fingering settings can be switched to be similar to a trumpet. This is called EVI, or electronic valve instrument.
Watch this video to see the Akai EWI5000 in action by saxophonist Mike Phillips:

Akai Professional EWI4000S | Electronic Wind Instrument MIDI Controller with Built-In Sound Module, Headphone Jack & MIDI I/O

This amazing instrument by Akai is the predecessor of the EWI5000.

This instrument was revolutionary for EWI as it allowed for wireless playing, MIDI, and incredible sensitivity with playing.

For those looking for a bit of a lower price for a professional EWI, this instrument is highly recommended.

Can be powered with 4 AA batteries.

Watch this video to see the EWI4000 being compared to its successor, the EWI5000:

Yamaha WX5 16-Key Wind MIDI Controller-Black

While this instrument lacks the EVI (electronic valve instrument) functions that the Akai electronic wind instruments have, this instrument is more affordable.

The fingering systems this instrument is capable of are saxophone and flute. A clarinetist should have no problem playing this instrument either.

Complaints from users of this instrument include awkward placement of the thumb rest and limited fingering settings.

Watch this video as Yamaha expert Avery Burdette speaks about the history of Yamaha developing wind controllers and demonstrating the Yamaha WX5:

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