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Best Sustain Pedals 2019 Review

With the purchase of a digital piano or keyboard, you will also need to buy a sustain pedal with it. It is important to choose the best keyboard sustain pedal, as an inferior pedal will negatively effect your playing.

A sustain pedal will allow you to hold the notes that you have played, and will continue holding them as long as your foot is pressing down on the sustain pedal. With a sustain pedal, your fingers can lift off of the keys, and the sound can continue to be played.

There are several factors that should be considered with choosing a piano sustain pedal. Here is a list of factors that should be read:

  • Similarity to a real sustain pedal – There are many cheap sustain pedals that actually do not resemble a piano pedal at all! Avoid cheap Pedals at all cost!This is what a cheap sustain pedal looks like:
  • best sustain pedals
  • Rubber under-slide to prevent sliding – The worst thing that can happen during a music performance is to have your sustain pedal fight with you and slide away as you are playing. Make sure to buy a sustain pedal that will stick to any surface while you are using it.
  • Half-pedaling: Having a pedal that is very sensitive to response is also key. Some pieces require the use of half-pedaling, and you definitely want a high quality keyboard sustain pedal that is capable of performing such a feat!
  • Single vs Triple Pedal: Having a triple pedal, with sustain, soft, and sostenuto features, is ideal for emulating an actual acoustic piano. Consider buying a triple pedal if you will regularly need to use these pedals.

There were many factors that took place to deciding which keyboard sustain pedals were the best! Factors included pricing, durability, and quality. The most recommended piano pedals are placed on top of the page.

5 Best Digital Piano Sustain Pedals

M-Audio SP-Triple Electronic Keyboard Pedal with Sustain, Soft, and Sostenuto Functions

This triple keyboard sustain pedal by M-Audio can work with any keyboard. It contains 3 quarter inch cables which enables this.

With the rubber under-slide, you can rest assure that this pedal will not slip away from you.

It also features a reverse polarity effect. By flipping the switch on the bottom of the pedal, the effects of the pedal will be reversed.

Please read through the many happy customer reviews on Amazon to feel more secured if you plan on purchasing this pedal.

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Studiologic VFP-3-10 Triple Piano-Style Open Polarity Sustain Pedal with Mono and Stereo Connector

This triple sustain pedal by Studiologic is superior in its sensibility, stereo and mono connectors, and similarity to an actual piano pedal.

A key feature to this triple pedal is the rubber levers, which promote long use and grip.

A problem with this pedal is that it cannot connect to all keyboards. Please check and see if your keyboard is able to use this pedal before purchasing it.

It is recommended more to purchase the M-Audio triple sustain pedal over this, as it is cheaper, can be used with any keyboard, and has higher customer reviews.

Also, you can check out the other pedals that Studiologic has to offer.

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M-Audio SP-2 Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action for Electronic Keyboards

This bestselling sustain pedal from M-Audio will most definitely be a satisfactory buy!
This sustain pedal can work with any keyboard, so you do not have to worry about buying something that will not work.
With the reversible polarity, realistic pedal feel, and non slip bottom, you will have in your possession a quality sustain pedal.
Note: After personally using this pedal for about 3 years, it was worn down to the point where it could no longer be used. But, for only 20 dollars, this sustain pedal was still definitely worth the buy!
Click on this video to see an expert review on this best piano pedal:

Yamaha FC3A Piano Style Sustain Foot Pedal with Half-Pedaling

This Yamaha keyboard pedal is compatible with any keyboard, including half pedal compatibility.
If you compare the Yamaha FC3 to the Yamaha FC4, the big difference is half pedal compatibility. The Yamaha FC4 does not support half pedaling.
Some complaints from users of this pedal is that the pedal does not feel like an actual acoustic piano pedal.
This pedal also features reversibility polarity, so you can have pedal either sustain or release while being pressed.
The rubber under side will prevent slippage, which is an important trait to have.

Roland DP-10 Real-Feel Pedal with Non-Slip Rubber Plate

This sustain pedal is manufactured by Roland, a well known keyboard manufacturing company.
While it is built by a prestigious company, it features a fatal flaw. It is not compatible with all keyboards. You must have a keyboard that is half or full pedal compatible. A Casio or any relatively inexpensive keyboard will not be able to use this sustain pedal.
This pedal features reverse polarity, non stick grip, and a quarter inch cable that can be inserted into most keyboards.


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  1. Hi, Thanks for the blog but I just bought a DP-10 new. After looking at it in depth I don’t see a polarity switch. It has a “continuous/switch” switch but that is all. It is working the opposite way that it should with my Akai MPK61. Any advice?


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