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Reasons to Buy a Digital Grand Piano

With the advent of technology, digital music instruments are becoming closer and closer to imitating the sound and feel of an acoustic instrument. While electronic music instruments offer some obvious advantages over acoustic instruments, such as with various sound effects, pitch bend, and other digital features, these instruments also has other not so obvious advantages.

With a digital grand piano, you will be able to have an affordable and beautiful grand piano in your home, workplace, or wherever you decide to place this digital grand piano. Some advantages of having a digital grand piano over an acoustic are as following:

Advantages of Having a Digital Grand Piano

  • Affordability – According to Steinway and Sons, a good quality digital grand piano starts at around 2000 dollars, while a high quality, used (key word here is used) grand pianos start around 5000 dollars.
  • Maintenance fees – From PyrSeas, the average cost of tuning an acoustic piano is about 100 bucks per hour. Piano tuners also recommend tuning pianos 2 – 4 times a year! Restringing a piano can cost up to 1500 dollars (Source). For inquiries about other repairs, such as soundboard, hammers, keys, etc, you can visit this website.

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  • Mobility – Grand pianos can weigh from 500 – 1200 pounds (Source). Also, grand pianos weighing more than 800 pounds should be moved by professionals. Grand pianos also need to use a piano dolly, which costs at least 200 dollars, to be moved. A digital grand piano weighs between 150-250 pounds, and can be moved with the help of a strong friend.
  • Privacy – You can attach headphones with a digital grand piano, so you can practice without disturbing the people near you. This is excellent for those that live in apartment settings.

With this is mind, purchasing a grand piano is not only more expensive, but also comes with other fees to maintain the instrument.

For a digital grand piano, you will only have to make a one time payment (except for the occasional maintenance fee for a broken key, speaker, etc. which may or may not happen). You will never have to tune a digital piano, or worry about replacing the sound board.

5 Best Digital Grand Pianos

Kurzweil CGP220W 3-Foot Mini-Grand Piano

The CGP220W by Kurzweil  is the best digital piano you can find!

Of the thirteen series of digital grand pianos Kurzweil offers, the CGP is part of the Concert grand piano series, the highest quality digital grand pianos that this company offers.

It has authentic wooden Italian hammer keyboard, which allows this instrument to have the feel of a real grand piano.

It also has a midi recorder which can store up to 20 performances of your own playing.

While there is not a video review of this excellent model, there is a review on another of Kurzweil’s digital grand pianos, the MPG 200 (a high quality digital piano, but not as high quality as the CGP220)

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Suzuki MGD Series

Suzuki’s Digital Grand Pianos come in 4 different series:

MDG 300 – 2 – 4 feet in depth. The most affordable digital grand pianos of this series by Suzuki. This is good for smaller spaces. Speakers can connect wirelessly via bluetooth and can even be used as a stereo speaker system. Contains 6 speakers, 2 bass, 2 mid range, and 2 treble, which allows for a full and rich sound. Comes with accessories such as USB cable and matching bench.

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MDG 330 – Has an LCD Color Screen for easy navigation and 128 note polyphony synthesizer. Contains wheels as well for easy mobility.

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MDG 400 – This best electronic grand piano is larger in comparison to the MDG 300 and MDG 330. Consider buying this over the other digital grand pianos for aesthetic purposes.

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MDG 4000 – the highest quality digital grand piano that Suzuki has to offer. This is intended to be a serious instrument for performers to use. It has the feel of a real acoustic piano for a fraction of the price.

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Each successive series is a larger digital grand piano and is of higher quality.

Watch this performance on a Suzuki MDG 300 digital grand piano:

Medeli Digital Grand 1000

Medeli Electronics was founded in 1983 in Hong Kong. They specialize in making acoustic pianos, keyboards, digital pianos, and digital drums.

Medeli offers 2 great different digital grand pianos, the Grand510 and the Grand 1000.

The Grand 1000 is the largest and highest quality digital grand piano by Medeli. It weights about 310 pounds. It has the real feel of an acoustic piano with its weighted keys and realistic pedals. It also has a 7 inch touch screen for displaying features.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of this Medeli digital grand piano:

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Virgin Musical Instruments – Artesia AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano

Artesia is now owned by Virgin Musical Instruments.

The Artesia Ag-28 is great for its realistic features and low pricing.

With the built-in teacher feature, you can actually learn how to play the piano from this digital piano!

It also has play along accompaniment, so you can have a band playing with you as well!

Watch this expert review on the Artesia AG – 28 –

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Williams Symphony Grand Digital Grand Piano

The Williams Symphony Grand  is a very affordable digital grand piano that is stylish, has weighted keys, and comes with a matching piano bench!

Williams makes 5 other digital keyboards, and this is their only digital grand piano.

This digital grand piano weights 270 pounds. Make sure to buy piano caster cups with this best electric grand piano as well!

Observe an extra review on YouTube of the Williams Symphony Grand here:

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