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Best Lamps for Piano

As a musician, you may notice that at times it is very difficult to read your music because of the lighting of the room you are in. It is very bad to read with poor lighting, as it hurts your eyes and makes it more difficult to read your music.

Many pianists will buy lamps to aid with reading their sheet music. However, they spend their money on buying the wrong type of lamps!

You do not want to purchase a standard desk lamp for the piano. The reason why is that the light is dispersed unevenly. The lightbulb from a desk lamp is very bright, and it is actually blinding at certain angles. The light also disperses into unwanted areas, which makes it difficult to focus on your sheet music.

Watch this video as concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa practices using a standard desk lamp. Notice how the lighting of the sheet music that is nearest to the desk lamp is blinding and hard to see from.

Now watch this video by Cocoweb using a Cocoweb LED Piano lamp while practicing. Notice the even distribution of lighting that is given by the best piano lamp. Sufficient light is also given to clearly see the piano keys as well.

Please take a look at this list for the best lamps for piano, and make a careful and thoughtful decision of purchasing the best piano lamp for you.

5 Best Piano Lamps

BenQ Piano Light

Here is my review of the ben q piano light. This lamp provides ample lightning which is safe to the eyes. Note: This piano lamp is designed for upright pianos, especially for ones with a high upper panel.

When we look at the lamp’s interface starting from the left, we have color temperature adjustors. These can change the light temperature to have a cooler or warmer appearance. There are 6 different settings in total.     

We can adjust brightness as well.

The presence detection, when set on, will turn the lamp on when are you close by.

The auto dimming function will automatically adjust the brightness depending on your environment.

And lastly, the My Favorite button will store settings and select saved settings.

We can also adjust the lamp from the base and from top.

Here is another view of the lighting from the lamp. Notice the lighting not just on the sheet music, but on the keys on well. This  lamp has ultra wide lighting, which illuminates each key on the piano.

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Cocoweb Adjustable 22″ LED clip-on grand piano lamp- Black w/Satin Nickel Accents

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This beautiful piano light by Cocoweb can clip onto the piano sheet music stand. It is also very easy to adjust, so you can optimize the amount of lighting that you want.

This is the best piano lamp that you will find on the market!

With the latest light emitting diode (LED) technology, you may never need to change the internal battery and light that is in this lamp. This product promises 50,000 hours worth of lighting. This is also the Best LED piano lamp.

There is no need to worry about chord placement as this lamp is battery powered. A battery charger is also attached to this product, but there is almost no need for it.

This lamp is available is many colors, so you can choose the one that is most aesthetically pleasing.

Watch this video to see the best piano light in action:

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Cocoweb 22″ Adjustable Energy-efficient LED Grand Piano Lamp with Bi-Rotational Shade – Black/Brass Accents GPLED22D

This is another best piano light from Cocoweb, the best distributor of piano lamps. This is also among the best piano desk lamp.

The difference between this and the number one lamp on this page is that this piano lamp contains a dimmer.

With a width of 22 inches, this piano lamp can cover a large number of pages on a sheet music stand. This is ideal if you want to look at multiple pages of music at once on a music stand. This is a great best grand piano light.

This product promises 50,000 hours worth of lighting, easy adjustment, and the most optimal lighting for a pianist. This is definitely worth the buy!

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Cocoweb 19″ Adjustable Black with Brass Accents LED Clip-on Piano Lamp with Dimmer – GPLED19D

This Cocoweb 19′ piano lamp is more affordable than the previous two above. It is 2 inches smaller is width than the leading Cocoweb lamps, which accounts for the price difference.

This lamp promises the same features as the leading Cocoweb lamps: 50,000 hours worth of lighting, battery charger, and easy adjustability.

This lamps is recommended for those who are searching for a high quality piano lamp at a more affordable price.

Also, purchasing this best piano lamp through will save you money in comparison to buying directly from the retailer! Cocoweb sells this piano lamp for 217 dollars, while Amazon sells for around 200 dollars!

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Black LED Piano Lamp with Brass Accents 19″ Shade GPLED

This piano lamp by SheetMusicNorthwest is optimal for both grand and upright pianos. It is a best upright piano light and best grand piano light.
With LED technology, this lamp promises 30,000 hours worth of lighting. You could use this piano lamp for an hour a day every day for 80 continuous years! With this kind of long lasting battery, you will never have to change the battery, or worry about this best piano lamp from losing efficiency.
The width of the lighting of this piano lamp can cover over 3 pages of music on a stand! That is more than enough light to cover the sheet music book you will be reading from.
This product weighs five pounds, which is about 2 more pounds than the Cocoweb piano lamps.

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Lumiens L9 – Music Stand Light Clip On Orchestra LED Lamp 

This is the best portable music stand lamp and most affordable music stand lamp. It can be clipped on a piano stand, orchestra stand, or any stand of your choice.

Using three double AA batteries, this best music stand lamp can provide light for about 20 hours. It features two different levels of brightness. A charging kit is also included, so you will not have to worry too much about purchasing more batteries.

With a lifetime of use guaranteed, you can trust that this music stand lamp will not break down on you during a performance. This is truly the best music stand light.

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