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Keytar Overview

These best shoulder keyboards, or better known as the best keytars, are an awesome combination of a keyboard and a guitar. The keyboard can be held using a strap that goes over the shoulders, so that your hands are free to play the instrument. Because of this, keytars are often referred to as shoulder synthesizers.

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The earliest keytars were made commercially available in the late 1970’s. Music legends such as Herbie Hancock and George Duke were among the first to use the electric keytar.

Herbie Hancock playing the Keytar:

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George Duke with his Keytar:

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In today’s time, modern pop artist such as Lady Gaga are known for using the keytar during a musical performance.

Watch this video to see Lady Gage perform using a keytar:

Keytars are very stylish and will give you the appearance of being a very virtuosic musician while playing. While watching Lady Gaga play, she appeared to have great stage presence while playing on her keytar. If you also play on a keytar, you will also acquire great stage presence and impress your audience.

The advantages of playing the Keytar over a keyboard include versatility, being able to move while playing, and ease with using vibrato.

V.J. Manzo, an advanced guitarist, says he likes to play his keytar because it allows the audience to see the notes better when he plays.

5 Best Keytars

Roland Lucina AX-09 Synthesizer – White

The latest model of Keytar by Roland. The keys of the Roland Lucina AX-09 are sensitive and respond well to dynamics and articulations.

The 37 keys on this keytar are not weighted. The 128 polyphony will ensure the best sound.

With 150 sound effects and internal synth, you will have a blast experimented and playing with the many audio selections this wonderful instrument has to offer!

This best shoulder keyboard can be battery powered or plugged in for unlimited usage.

This best keytar has many amazing features such as an electric guitar, harpsichord, electric bass, and organ.

Weighing 13 pounds and having a stylish look, this keytar can be used for performances and just for phone at home.

With the built in audio player, you can literally have an entire band with you as you play with this best keytar.

Watch this cool video to see what this Roland Keytar is like:

Roland Lucina Black Sparkle AX-09-BK Synthesizer

The same as the above product, but with a glossy black finish.

These best shoulder synthesizers are imported from Japan, thus cost extra.

Consider buying this awesome keytar if you really want to have the dark finish of the Roland Lucina Black Sparkle.

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Roland AX-1 Music Keyboard

The Roland AX-1 Keytar is an earlier model of the Roland Lucina AX-09, which was featured previously. The Roland AX-1 Keytar features more keys and a simpler interface to navigate through the various setting in comparison to its successor, the Lucina AX-09.
With the MIDI, you can plug this best keytar into an amplifier or any other device to create sound. Click on the following link if you wish to read more about the best keyboard amplifiers.
The pitch bend switch located on the neck of the instrument allows for easy use of pitch bending. A sustain lever is also located on the neck. With these two devices on the neck of the keytar, you can easily use the two settings of pitch bend and sustain.
Weighing six pounds and having 45 keys, this keyboard is ideal for playing with a wide range and for long use.
This model is succeeded by the Roland AX-7 keytar.
Watch this video to see how awesome this keytar is in action:

Korg RK-100S – White

One of the latest models of Keytars that are out is this Korg RK-100S Keytar.
The attractive and simple layout of this Korg keytar is ideal for easily switching between settings.
There are two ribbon controllers located on this instrument. This allows for easy use for this excellent feature.
Lightweight and portable, this keyboard instrument can be powered using 6 AA batteries. Plug into an amplifier or computer, and this best keytar will produce amazing sound.
This instrument features pitch bend, vibrato, sustain, and multiple sound effects.
Watch this video to see an example example of the features of this Korg Keytar:

Yamaha Shs-200 Midi Shoulder Keyboard with Internal Sound

This keytar by Yamaha is the successor of the Yamaha SHS-10. Made two years later, this shoulder keyboard has more features, sound effects, and has internal stereo speakers. It also has more keys, enabling the player to have more range while they are performing.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of the effects of this Yamaha Keytar.

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Yamaha SHS-10 Midi Shoulder Keyboard red

Made in 1986, this keytar is still popular and used in many concerts today. It weighs six pounds, so it does not put too much stress on the body to carry.

It features vibrato, portamento, pitch bend, and sustain effects. It also features many interesting sound effects. There is also an internal speaker so you that you do not have to plug in the instrument into a speaker to hear the sound. This is a very reliable feature that many other keytars do not have.

Watch this video to see an excellent demo of this Yamaha Keytar.

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Alesis Vortex Wireless

This is the best keytar in terms of affordability. The Alesis Vortex is a very popular keytar because of its low price and high quality functions.

The Alesis Vortex has an incredible MIDI-assignable accelerometer, which can detect your movements over the neck on the keytar to do pitch bends, sustains, vibrato, and many other effects. (Some people complain that the tilting feature is not perfect)

The virtual synth feature “Xpand!2 from AIR” allows you to play with drum, bass, and other band effects as you play on your keytar.

The Alexis Vortex software allows you to edit sounds in detail. You can also edit sound using the functions on the surface of the instrument.

This keytar is solely a controller, so there are not internal sounds. You will have to plug this into a computer or laptop during performances.

This instrument can also be battery powered, so you do not have to worry about annoying cords.

Watch this video to see an expert review on this best keytar:

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